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FMN Copenhagen - Feedback Instrument In A Day Workshop

Published onNov 17, 2021
FMN Copenhagen - Feedback Instrument In A Day Workshop

This is a community edited document, we’ll use this to form groups and ideas for the workshop day.

The workshop will take place on 1st December. The idea is to form into small groups of 3-4, use the available equipment to build a feedback instrument, and then do a demo or even short performance at the end of the day.

At this stage, we’re starting to form some ideas about what we might build. If you have an idea, please add it to the list. If you’d like to join the group who’s focusing on an idea, please add your name next to it.

The workshop is taking place in Manufakturet on the university campus. Here’s an idea of the facilities and equipment available:

The following equipment will be additionally available:

A selection of speakers
A selection of audio exciters
Materials for DIY pickups
Small class-D amplifier boards (TPA3118)
Contact microphones
Electret microphones
Mems microphones - SPH065
Guitar strings
Piezo stack + amp
Microcontrollers - Teensy, Daisy, ESP32
Acoustic materials: tubes, boxes, plastics, pipes, membranes
Glue, duct tape, fixings

Project Ideas

Please add your name to one or more projects if you’re interested in them, or suggest some new ones

  1. Feedback instrument using piezo stacks (in a bridge) (Chris K)

  2. Instrument using strings + pickups + actuators (Dan O)

  3. Membrane instrument with contact mics + exciters

  4. Spring instrument (Benjamin S)

  5. Combo of analog/modular synthesis with acoustic feedback systems

  6. Air/tubes - using plastic pipes?

  7. Coupled system using physical models on a microcontroller (FAUST on Teensy?) (Johannes B, Adam)

  8. Hacked junk shop acoustic instruments

  9. Analog feedback instruments - following on from Cracklebox etc

  10. An instrument revolving around the following: feedback manipulation techniques, rooted in old-school analog gear (limiters, duckers, equalizer, distortion pedals, ddld, etc.) but — for the sake of convenience and weight — here emulated in software. (Nicolas C)

  11. Audiovisual feedback instruments (light sensor/camera + lights + some of the above) (Adam)

  12. Plate resonator instruments

  13. Information (non-audio) feedback in instruments, e.g. analysis streams or event streams, systemic view on musicianship (Palle D.)

Christian Blandhoel:

Is the idea to work within ones comfort zone? or transgress hacking electric guitars and old instruments is up my alley